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What are the denim washing methods

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Denim culture is popular all over the world, and durable, casual and comfortable jeans have become one of the fashion items sought after by young men and women.

At the beginning of its birth, denim has become one of the standard work clothes of the working class because of its wear-resistant and practical characteristics.

With the passage of time, trendsetters have discovered the fashion potential of denim, and since then denim has entered the world stage.

But in the various production processes of denim, washing has played a finishing touch.

The pretreatment of denim fabrics greatly affects the characteristics of denim, and different degrees of washing process also give jeans a different sense of wearing, comfort and design.

Today, I will follow the editor to learn about the 6 popular washing processes.

General washing

Add a certain amount of detergent at a water temperature of about 60°~90°C. After washing for about 15 minutes, add softener to the water.

This practice reduces the shrinkage of most fabrics, so you don't have to worry about shrinking after washing after fading, and it also makes the denim fabric softer and more comfortable.

Stone wash

Add a certain size of pumice stone to the washing water to polish the pumice stone and clothes, and adjust the choice of pumice stone material according to different needs.

After washing, the denim surface shows a gray feeling, creating a vintage denim look.

Enzyme wash

Enzyme is a cellulase.

Using enzymes, under a certain pH value and temperature, the fiber structure is degraded, so as to achieve gentle fading of the cloth surface.

It can achieve the design style of enzyme washing and the soft effect on denim fabrics.

Sand washing

In sand washing, alkaline oxidizing additives are usually used to make the clothes show a certain fading effect after washing.

Sometimes craftsmen will add stone grinding and softener to it, after this operation, the fabric will become soft and soft after washing, thus greatly improving the comfort of denim.


After ordinary washing with clean water, warm it up and add an appropriate amount of Bleaching Agent. Such water hand washing is called rinsing.

The process of rinsing is to facilitate fading, and the dosage is adjusted according to the depth of bleaching color. The bright appearance and soft hand feel have captured the hearts of countless people.

Snow washing

Saturate the dry pumice stone with potassium permanganate solution, and polish it directly with the clothes by washing hands with water in a special rotating cylinder.

The friction between the pumice stone and the clothes and the chemical action of potassium permanganate can cause the cloth surface to fade irregularly, forming white spots similar to snowflakes.

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