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What are the influencing factors of fabric hemming?

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The difference in the floating point numbers of the warp and weft on the front and back of the fabric. The greater the difference between the floating-point numbers on the front and back of the fabric, that is, the greater the length of the floating line, the easier it is for the fabric to roll to the longer floating line. Therefore, when other conditions are the same, the curling trend of the twill weave on the second top and the bottom, the khaki weave on the third and the five satin weave will increase in turn.

The absolute shrinkage force of the fabric. The absolute shrinkage force is affected by factors such as the density, content of the spandex thread and the draft ratio. When other conditions are the same, the thicker the spandex yarn, the more content, and the greater the draft ratio, the greater the possibility of fabric curling.

The shrinkage space of the spandex silk fabric in the fabric structure frame. Spandex yarn is always in the structural frame at one point, and its shrinkage space is subject to certain constraints. If the fabric structure is looser, the resistance of the spandex yarn to retract is less, and the retraction exhibited is greater, so the fabric is easier to roll up.

The buckling state of the yarns in the fabric. With the change of fabric structure, warp and weft density, yarn linear density, fiber material and tension on the machine, the buckling state of the yarn behaves differently. When the warp density of the fabric is small, the warp yarns are thicker, and the weft yarns are thinner, the warp yarns after sizing are more rigid and not easy to bend and deform. The weft yarns are relatively soft and easy to bend and deform, showing warp yarns in the fabric. The buckling of the weft is smaller and the buckling of the weft is larger.

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