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What are the main points of the dyeing process?

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1. When dyeing, close the machine cover before heating up, and observe the running condition of the grey cloth in the machine from the glass sight hole at any time, and check whether there are any abnormal sounds and phenomena in the machine parts.

2. When the temperature is 50~60℃, the disperse dye dyeing is very slow or hardly dyeing.

3. When the temperature is above 80℃, the dyeing speed will increase. Therefore, the temperature should not be too fast when the temperature is between 80 and 130℃.

4. Generally, graded heating and graded heat preservation are used to control the heating rate. This is especially important for Disperse Red 3B, Disperse rubine S-2GFL, and Disperse Scarlet S-BWFL, which are easy to cause color stains.

5. When cooling down, the cooling speed should not be too fast to avoid defects such as wrinkle marks and chicken paw marks. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the cooling rate.

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