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  • What factors affect the color of the dye?


    External factors such as solvents, temperature, dye concentration, electrolytes, and radiation light added to the dyeing solution will cause dyes in the solution, or the state of the dye fabric changes, resulting in changes in the color of the dye. 1. The effect of solvent and mediumThe absorption w Read More

  • How to improve the quality of disperse dye dyeing


    The effect of decentralized dye dyeingThe heat migration of decentralized dyes is not under dry heat conditions, and the dye is redistributed in the two phases of fiber and surface solvents. Instead, its inherent physical characteristics are also caused. EssenceBy analyzing the effects of dyeing tem Read More

  • What is disperse dyeing thermal migration


    Polyester fiber with decentralized dyes dyed, during the dry heat treatment process, the phenomenon of decreased color targeting and color -light mutation. It is caused by the heat migration of decentralized dyes.The so -called heat migration refers to a phenomenon of migrating from the inside of th Read More

  • Why is the disperse dyeing fastness poor?


    Disperse dye dyeing is mainly because polyester fiber dyeing is high -temperature and high pressure. Although the dye molecules are small, the dye molecules are not guaranteed to enter the fiber during dyeing. The cleaning is to destroy the dye molecules that are not entered into the fiber to improv Read More

  • How to reduce sample differences in samples?


    There are many reasons for the color difference between samples, and the main reasons are the following aspects.① Be strict and accurate when playing samples. Sample samples are the key to directly affecting the large -scale production of the workshop. We must fully understand its importance and pay Read More

  • What are the functions of polyester chromatics reducing cleaning


    The main reason is that polyester fiber dyeing is high temperature and high pressure. Although the decentralized dye molecules are small, they cannot guarantee that the dyes molecules enter the fiber during dyeing. Some decentralized dyes will be attached to the fiber surface. The reducing cleaning Read More

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