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If you want to know more about the Disperse Dye, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Disperse Dye industry. More news about Disperse Dye, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Disperse Dye information!
  • How to choose disperse dyes when dyeing light color for nylon ?


    Nylon/cotton fabrics are dyed with light color, and their nylon components are usually dyed with disperse dyes. The reason is: disperse dyes do not contain water-soluble groups, do not ionize in water, and do not carry active groups. Therefore, disperse dyes dye nylon, there is no ionic bond and cov Read More

  • Digital printing gradually replaces traditional craftsmanship


    As a new printing method, digital inkjet printing is in line with the current personalized, fashionable and rapidly changing consumer trends, and has become the fastest growing field in the printing and dyeing industry in recent years. With the continuous decline in the cost of digital printing equi Read More

  • Temporary closure of highway exits and service areas


    According to the latest information, affected by the continuous raging epidemic, all parts of East China have recently upgraded prevention and control measures, announcing the temporary closure of expressway exits and service areas.Either "can't make an appointment with the driver", or "have an appo Read More

  • Discuss the properties of disperse dyes in high temperature and high pressure dyeing


    (1) Physical properties of disperse dyes:Wetting, dispersibility, particle fineness, dispersion stability, etc. These properties will affect the preparation of the dye solution and are the main factors for the formation of dyeing spots.(2) High temperature dispersion stability of disperse dyes:Repre Read More

  • What is the network degree of silk


    1 What is the network degree of silkThe product of network processing is called network wire, also known as interlaced wire, which uses compressed air flow to spray, impact and collide the tow, so that the individual filaments in the tow are irregularly intertwined, forming a good cohesion. Performa Read More

  • What are the dyeing laws of E-type, SE-type and S-type disperse dyes?


    In the polyester dyeing process, the heating rate, the holding temperature and the pH value of the dyeing bath have a greater impact on the dyeing quality. Theoretically, under the condition of ensuring that the fabric does not appear colored, the shorter the dyeing process, the lower the dyeing cos Read More

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