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What are the operating points and precautions for dyeing?

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⑴Choose the correct concentration of dye, and make sure to shake the dye evenly before absorbing the dye.

⑵Choose a suitable pipette, suck the material accurately, and keep the eyes facing the concave surface of the liquid surface in the tube. After sucking the material, wipe the outer wall of the tube with a cloth, and drop the pipette against the inner wall of the bottle when dropping the material.

⑶ The weight of the cloth should be accurate to ±0.02.

⑷The water and auxiliary dosage should be accurate, not too much or too little.

⑸ When placing the cloth, the cloth should be immersed in the water, not exposed to the surface of the water, and the cloth should be loosened as much as possible if it is discolored.

⑹The heat preservation time must be sufficient, and acid should not be added prematurely. The acid should be added according to the depth of the water bottom, and it should not be added directly to the cloth.

⑺ Washing with water must thoroughly wash away the floating color.

⑻The fabric should be dried after washing, and the temperature should be lowered to normal temperature after drying.

⑼Slowly heat up the ones that are easy to be discolored

⑽ Pay attention to the fastness of the dyes, try to choose the dyes with good compatibility, if the fastness is not good, change the dyes with better fastness, and finally fix the fastness to consolidate the fastness.

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