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What are the testing standards for textile yellowing?

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1. Test method for yellowing caused by natural light exposure: GB/T 8427—2008 "Textile Color Fastness Tests to Artificial Light Color Fastness: Xenon Arc" The test principle is to combine the sample with a set of blue wool standard samples Put it in the box, expose it to the sun under the artificial light source according to the specified conditions, and finally evaluate the color fastness of the sample and the blue wool standard sample for color change.

2. Test method for yellowing caused by ultraviolet light irradiation: GB/T 30669-2014 "Textile Color Fastness Tests Color Fastness to Light Yellowing", the test principle is that after the sample is irradiated with ultraviolet light for a certain period of time, it is compared with the unirradiated The samples were compared, and the discoloration grade was evaluated with the gray scale card for evaluating discoloration.

3. Test method for yellowing caused by phenolic substances: GB/T 29778-2013 "Evaluation of Potential Phenolic Yellowing in Textile Color Fastness Test", SN/T2468-2010 "Test Method for Phenolic Yellowing of Imported and Exported Textiles" and other tests The principle is to sandwich each sample and control fabric in test paper containing 2,6 di-tert-butyl 4-nitrophenol (BHT), place them between glass plates and stack them together with BH-free polyethylene film. Wrap it tightly to form a test bag, and put it in a constant temperature box or oven for a certain period of time under a specified pressure. Use the gray scale for staining evaluation to evaluate the yellowing grade of the sample, so as to evaluate the possibility of phenol yellowing of the sample.

4. Test method for fabric yellowing caused by chlorine bleaching: FZ/T 01078—2009 "Test Method for Chlorine Absorption and Yellowing of Fabrics", the test principle is to bleach the sample in the washing machine, wash it, and dry it with the original Sample comparison, in order to evaluate the yellowing level of the sample.

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