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What are the types of cotton?

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1. Coarse cotton (cotton that has been eliminated)

Also called Asian cotton, it refers to cotton of various varieties of cotton and grass cotton. The fiber is thick and short, and it is full of elasticity. Because of the short length, thick and hard fibers, white or dull white color, less mercerization, low use value and unit output of this kind of cotton fiber, it has been basically eliminated in China, and there is no production of cotton in the world.

2. Fine lint cotton (the most common cotton)

Also called upland cotton, it refers to the cotton fibers of various varieties of upland cotton with medium fineness and length, white or milky white in color, silky, and can prevent spun yarns of 11~100tex (60~6 English). Fine-staple cotton accounts for 85% of the world's total cotton production and is currently the most important cultivated cotton species in my country.

3. Lint cotton (the most advanced cotton)

It is also called sea-island cotton. It refers to cotton and land-sea hybrid cotton of various varieties of sea-island cotton. The fiber is long, thin and soft, creamy white or light yellow, rich in mercerization, and good quality. It is the raw material for the production of cotton yarns below 10 tex. The countries that now produce long-staple cotton mainly include Egypt, Sudan, the United States, Morocco, and Central Asian countries. The main production bases of long-staple cotton in my country are in some areas such as Xinjiang. Long-staple cotton can be divided into extra-long-staple cotton and medium-long-staple cotton.

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