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What is pad dyeing?

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Pad dyeing is to immerse the fabric in the dye solution for a short period of time (usually a few seconds or tens of seconds), and then immediately press it with a roller to squeeze the dye solution into the tissues and gaps of the fabric, while rolling away the excess The dye liquor makes the dye evenly distributed on the fabric. The dyeing and fixation of the dyes are mainly completed through subsequent steaming or baking treatment processes.

Pad dyeing

Different fabrics have different requirements for creping rate. Generally, the creping rate of cotton fabric is about 70%, and that of synthetic fiber is about 40%. The higher the padding rate, the higher the amount of liquid, the heavy load of moisture evaporation during the drying of the fabric, and the dyes with low affinity, especially when the suspension padding is used, the dyes are prone to migration.

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