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These are related to the fabric news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in fabric and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand fabric market.
  • Recently, the volume of fabrics has increased, and the transaction price has risen!


    According to the latest "China Keqiao Textile Index" released by the Construction Management Committee of China Textile City, recently, the largest professional fabric market in Asia - innovative fabrics, has heated up transactions.China Textile City is located in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhe Read More

  • What are the hazards of sun exposure to fabrics?


    Photochemical fundamentals of dye fadingThe effect of light on dyes during sun exposure can be explained in two ways.First of all, as far as the structure of the dye is concerned, under the action of ultraviolet light, the chemical bonds in the dye are changed or even broken, so that the structure o Read More

  • The relationship between fabric use and density


    Designing the warp and weft density of the fabric should also be combined with the use of the fabric. For example, the characteristics of silk fabrics are light, thin and transparent. In order to maintain this feature, in addition to the use of finer warp and weft threads, the warp and weft density Read More

  • What are the conventional Dyeing Methods for Dark Fabrics


    For fibers that are easy to dye such as cotton fabrics, the main process conditions are reasonable, and the dyes are selected correctly. Generally, there are no technical problems in dyeing dark colors. However, some polyester and nylon fabrics with relatively high requirements are generally difficu Read More

  • How to calculation the price of grey cloth


    1. Yarn consumption Grey cloth is woven from warp and weft yarns. Knowing the amount of warp and weft per unit area of the grey fabric and the unit price of these yarns, the raw material price of the grey fabric can be calculated. Generally, you can know the amount of yarn used in the grey fabric ac Read More

  • How to ensure the best fabric effect


    The best cloth surface effect of the fabric means that the fabric will not produce wrinkles that are difficult to eliminate due to mechanical external force or other factors, and the phenomenon of scratches and friction hairiness due to mechanical external force. Cotton knitted fabrics, especially s Read More

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