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What is the performance of the high temperature and high pressure proofing machine?

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The maximum working temperature of this kind of proofing machine is 130℃, the heating speed can be adjusted, and two electric heating tubes are used as the heat source. Up to 12 dye cups can be placed, and the hook with the sample is moved up and down by the linkage device to complete the proofing process. The maximum capacity of the dye cup is 300ml, and the weight of the fabric determines the liquor ratio.

The amount of dye solution added during proofing is determined by the dyeing formula, and finally water is added to two-thirds of the height of the entire dye cup, which is about 200ml. If the liquid level is too high, the difference between the bath ratio and the actual bath ratio will be too large, which will affect the accuracy of the color. If the liquid level is too low, the sample may not be completely submerged by the liquid surface when it rises with the hook, causing the sample to be colored.

The commonly used dyeing cups are glass dyeing cups and stainless steel dyeing cups. The diameter of the new dye cup must be checked before use. Larger diameter is likely to cause jamming after dyeing. If you use too much force when taking the cup, the glass dye cup is easy to break. Not only is it easy to cause hand injuries to the proofer, the small broken glass can also easily cut the hemispherical gland of the proofer and the sealing ring of the entire proofer platform, which will affect the next proofing.

The glass dye cup is easy to observe the status of the dye liquor foot water, which is convenient for the inspection of the new batch of dyes. When using a stainless steel dye cup to test a new batch of dye, you must pour the dye foot water into the beaker before you can observe it. Although the stainless steel dye cup is not easy to be damaged, if the surface finish is not high, the efficiency of cleaning the dye cup will be reduced.

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