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What is vinegar fiber gathering?

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Vinegar green fiber cluster is a new type of fiber combining acrylic and acetate cellulose in a molecular grade.

The section of vinegar and green fiber is close to round. After the contrast, it is closer to the section of cashmere fibers, which not only retains the advantages of acrylic fiber and cellulose fiber fluffy, soft, smooth, high strength, and has good size stability, warmth and keeping warmth and keeping warm Anti -staticness makes the wearer feel warmer and comfortable. Vinegar green fiber is mainly used in warm underwear, sweaters, shirts, bedding and other fields. The market price is 30%-50%higher than that of ordinary acrylic.

Vinegar green fiber use range

1. Application in the field of shirts, characteristics: The fabric is stiff, warm, excellent hanging, hygroscopic sweating and smooth and comfortable.

2. Application in the field of bedding, characteristics: ① With real natural luster and smooth feel; beautiful color; ② good wear resistance, rebound elasticity, good warmth, and no hair to play; Static electricity, not adsorption of dust, no mildew, no worm, and easy to manage.

3. The application of the field of towels, bath towels and pillow towels. Features: ① Maintain the natural environmental protection and humidity and breathability of natural fibers more soft and smooth; towel.

4. Mao sense and casual fabrics, characteristics: ① wrinkle resistance, abrasion resistance, stiffness, elasticity, strong warmth and resistance to the hair; ② absorb the advantages of cotton, hair, silk, hemp shortcoming.

5. Application in the field of socks, scarves, gloves, and hats. The characteristics of the field of socks: ① The characteristics of high vinegar and green fiber strength, strong and wear -resistant characteristics have overcome the shortcomings of low acetic acid fiber strength; ; ① Give full play to the feel, warmth and elasticity of the soft and swelling of the vinegar;

6. Application on warm underwear, characteristics: ① Excellent warmth, good breathability, antibacterial bacteriostatic, good size stability, and good skin -friendly, not easy to shrink and deform when washing, highlight the characteristics of "light, thin, warm"; ② Anti -raising the ball to reach level 4 or more, which can achieve the promotion of first -line underwear brands.

7. The application of the sweater field, characteristics: ① warm, cashmere -like touch, colorful color, resistance to the hair; ② the advantages of both acrylic and soft hair and acetic acid fiber back tide.


Therefore, vinegar fiber is widely loved by fabric vendors. In the lingerie, socks, high -end scarves and other fabrics, vinegar fiber can be seen.

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