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disperse dye for polyester

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  • What kind of dyes are dyeing


    Printing and dyeing is a comprehensive processing process of textiles. For example, adding patterns, patterns, changing the color of textiles, and related pre -processing processes are added to textiles. There are eight different types of dye dye dyeing methods in printing and dyeing. Let's continue Read More
  • How to identify the quality of disperse dye


    Disclosed testing: Accurately collect 1g of dye, add 100ml of water at 30 ° C, stir with glass rods, drop the suspension of dye with 4-5 drops on the filter paper with a straw to observe its natural seepage ring, good diffuserity, good diffuser, good diffuser, and good diffuser. The larger its area. Read More
  • What is vinegar fiber gathering?


    Vinegar green fiber cluster is a new type of fiber combining acrylic and acetate cellulose in a molecular grade.The section of vinegar and green fiber is close to round. After the contrast, it is closer to the section of cashmere fibers, which not only retains the advantages of acrylic fiber and cel Read More
  • How does insulation time affect polyester dyeing?


    Diversifying dye dye polyester, which is heated to the prescribed temperature (125 ~ 135 ° C), you must keep the staining period of time. The test shows that the length of the preservation and dyeing time has the impact on the quality of the dyeing.1) Polyester fiber structure is tight, and the mome Read More



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