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Why choose reactive dye dyeing wool

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The traditional wool stain mainly uses acidic dyes, acid media dyes and metal complex dyes. The disadvantages are concentrated in:

① Acid dyes, especially uniform dyes, and dye dyes, dyeing and wetness are poor, and a considerable part of acid dyes are disabled in dyes;

② The dyeing color of the acid media dyeing is darker, and the environmental pollution is serious;

③ 1: 1 Metal complex dye has a large damage to the fiber. 2: 1 Metal complex dye is evenly dye, and the chromatography is incomplete. These problems have affected the further development of the wool textile industry.

Therefore, it is important and urgent to choose new methods, new crafts, and new theories to study new methods, new processes, and new theories. Active dyes have the advantages of bright color, complete chromatography, convenient use and strong adaptability.

In recent years, two or more different active bases have been introduced in dye molecules. The performance of its dyes has an extraordinary performance. The development of dual -active basic dyes has promoted the development of active dyes, so that active dyes have also been new in wool dyeing. Breakthroughs and developed activated dyes.

Active dyes are different from other dyes. Activated active groups with reactiveness in the molecular structure can be combined with covalent bonds such as hydroxyl, amino, and vanamines on protein fibers. Therefore, its dyeing fastness is high, and there are many types of active dyes in active dyes, but the reaction with the fiber is a parental nuclear bonus reaction and a nuclear replacement response.

Under alkaline conditions, hydroxy and amino groups will form negative ions, and their nuclearity is improved. Due to its special structure, wool is easily damaged under alkaline conditions. Therefore, the selection, pre -treatment, and dyeing conditions of dyes will affect the dyeing effect.

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