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classification of individual requirements for high temperature levelling agents

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The different dyeing operation modes of different dyeing machines have also produced personalized special requirements for high-temperature levelling agents. In addition to the above basic essential functions, special varieties with individual differences such as low-foam type, anti-sedimentation type, and penetration-enhanced type are also needed to form a series.


① Low foam type and its applicability

For the liquid jet, jet and other nozzle-type loose fabric dip dyeing machine, the dye bath is violently agitated due to the rapid operation of the fabric in the liquid jet, jet and other dyeing machine. Especially in a semi-filled dyeing machine, certain auxiliaries and dyes are prone to foam in this environmental condition. The leveling agent contains the adduct of ethylene oxide, it is easier to foam. If the foam continues to increase and reaches a certain level, it will cause the nozzle to form foamy air suction, which will reduce the spray pressure and eventually cause the grey fabric to stop transmitting. Once it stops, it is very likely to produce color and wrinkles. The longer it stops, the more serious the consequences will be.

For this reason, the high-temperature leveling agent used in this type of dyeing machine should be a low-foam type. Of course, in terms of subjective wishes, the bubble-free type is best, but this does not conform to objective reality. The vigorous agitation from beginning to end of this type of dyeing machine during operation is very beneficial to fully maintain the undissolved dye in the dyeing bath in a good suspension state, but on the other hand, it is the power source for continuous foaming, which requires it to be completely free. It is impractical and impossible for the bubble to operate. Therefore, it is still necessary to use a defoamer in a semi-filled liquid stream and jet dyeing machine.

But what needs to be mentioned is that there is almost no need for foam on the full-filled jet dyeing machine. Another type of overflow dyeing machine, because the dyeing operation of the grey cloth is driven by the unpressurized natural flow of the water, it does not have a nozzle, so it is also unnecessary to add a defoamer.


②Anti-precipitation type and its applicability

For the high-temperature and high-pressure jigger, the operation of the grey cloth is mechanically driven, and the amount of foam is not much affected by the operation and the effect of dyeing. However, the operating characteristics of this type of dyeing machine is that the cloth does not transfer water, and the smaller bath ratio makes the dye g/l unit concentration of the same color formula in the dyeing bath far greater than that of liquid flow, spray type, bobbin, and loose fiber. Class dyeing machine (generally at least doubled).

These have correspondingly increased the objective conditions for the aggregation and precipitation of the suspended dye in the dye bath, so the probability of occurrence of color spot defects is far greater than that of the dyeing machine type equipped with a powerful circulating pump. Therefore, they are especially suitable for use with enhanced diffusion and anti-sedimentation functions.


③Penetration enhanced type and its applicability

Equipment such as bobbin, cage-mounted hank yarn, and loose fiber dyeing machines are also equipped with powerful circulating pumps, but they are different from liquid jet dyeing machines in that the fibers are fully immersed in the dyeing bath, and It does not use nozzles, and is not very acute for foam problems and anti-settling requirements.

However, they are the opposite of the dyeing method in which the water moves and the fiber does not move in the jigger, and the fiber stack is much thicker than the liquid jet machine, jet machine, jigger and other dyeing operations with a single layer of grey fabric. In other words, including the warp beam dyeing machine, in addition to the mechanical equipment that has sufficient water penetration ability, the high temperature leveling agent can supplement and strengthen the good permeability of all fiber layers in the inner, middle and outer layers. The leveling of the machine is both important and necessary. Therefore, for them, it is advisable to use a penetration-enhanced high-temperature levelling agent.

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