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Latest News and Updates on Textile Auxiliaries and Dyes

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates on textile auxiliaries and dyes from Tiankun Chemical.


The articles shown below are all about the textile, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the textile. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these textile articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • What is Dyeing Auxiliary?


    The dyeing auxiliary is specially used for washing and dying during the production process. These auxiliaries are formulated for textile products in the forms of cationic, non-ionic, surfactants and amphoteric. Our offered assortment of auxiliaries is comprised of pre-treatment chemicals, dyeing & p Read More
  • What are the routine testing items for textiles?


    Physical performance testPhysical properties testing of textiles including density, yarn count, grammage, yarn twist, yarn tenacity, fabric structure, fabric thickness, loop length, fabric coverage, fabric shrinkage or fabric shrinkage, flexural deformation, stretch Strength, tear strength, seam sli Read More
  • How to control various fastness?


    After dyeing of textiles, the ability of fabrics to retain their original color can be expressed by testing various dye fastnesses. Commonly used indicators for detecting dyeing fastness include washing fastness, rubbing fastness, light fastness, sublimation fastness and so on.The better the washing Read More
  • classification of individual requirements for high temperature levelling agents


    The different dyeing operation modes of different dyeing machines have also produced personalized special requirements for high-temperature levelling agents. In addition to the above basic essential functions, special varieties with individual differences such as low-foam type, anti-sedimentation ty Read More
  • Soaping fastness


    Soaping fastness refers to the degree of fading of dyed fabrics after soaping in soap solution under specified conditions. It includes the original fading and white cloth staining. Original fading refers to the fading of printed and dyed fabrics before and after soaping. White cloth staining is a si Read More
  • What is light fastness


    The fading and discoloration of dyed fabrics is a relatively complicated process. Under the action of sunlight, the dye absorbs light energy and the molecule is in an excited state. It is unstable. The energy obtained must be released in different forms to become a stable state. One of the forms is Read More
  • Turkish textile industry seeks global cooperation


    As the global economy recovers from the epidemic, the Turkish textile industry hopes to open a new era of cooperation with international companies and brands, with production capacity exceeding US$100 billion. Turkey is the fifth largest textile supplier in the world and is expected to export textil Read More
  • The price of Pure cotton yarn increased 10% within one week?


    The ex-factory price of cotton yarn is adjusted once a day or even twice a day, and the profit of spinning has increased compared with the fourth quarter of 2020, mainly due to the low inventory of cotton and cotton yarn in cotton spinning mills, sufficient liquidity, and the surge in crude oil, chemical sources and chemicals, etc. Increasing inflation and so on. As of February 25, the immediate profit of textile enterprises was 1,500 yuan/ton. Read More



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