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These are related to the cotton news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in cotton and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand cotton market.
  • Cotton prices will continue to rise


    (1) The strong cotton price is well-foundedDomestic cotton market First, since Xinjiang opened the market to acquire new cotton, although the closing price of seed cotton has fluctuated, the overall trend has continued to rise. After the National Day, due to the conversion of new cotton costs, most Read More

  • Desizing knowledge


    Why sizing?In order to increase the abrasion resistance, smoothness and antistatic properties of the warp yarn in weaving, increase its strength and cohesion, and improve its weaveability, sizing processing must be carried out before weaving, also known as sizing (protective warp yarn), especially f Read More

  • Why does the dyeing of cotton/rayon blends have different colors?


    Pure cotton fiber has the advantages of good moisture absorption, alkali resistance and strong heat resistance, but the fabric finish, uniformity, feel and drape are not as good as rayon;Rayon fiber has good dyeability, high brightness and color fastness, comfortable to wear, moisture absorption sim Read More

  • Why should cotton and its blended knitted fabrics be mercerized?


    The development, quality improvement, and upgrade of certain varieties of cotton and its blended knitted fabrics require mercerizing treatment and reasonable selection of mercerizing methods. Now give an example for discussion. 1. It can improve the quality of knitwear Knitted outerwear fabrics such Read More



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