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Why should cotton and its blended knitted fabrics be mercerized?

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The development, quality improvement, and upgrade of certain varieties of cotton and its blended knitted fabrics require mercerizing treatment and reasonable selection of mercerizing methods. Now give an example for discussion.


1. It can improve the quality of knitwear 

Knitted outerwear fabrics such as cotton and its blended T-shirts, button shirts, jackets and skirts have obvious differences between mercerized and unmercerized products. The mercerized appearance of the product presents a rare texture that is cotton, non-cotton, and silk-like; it feels soft and comfortable to the touch; the color is full and attractive, showing a unique beauty , With a distinctive style, the overall feeling is that the product is of high grade. If you use it as the fabric, the style, color, and workmanship are good, a T-shirt that sells for a few hundred yuan in the country will be accepted. The foreign high-end market can even sell for hundreds of dollars, which is several times higher than ordinary products. .


2. It can improve the dyeing performance of knitted fabrics

Most of the dyeing or printing of cotton knitted fabrics uses reactive processes. After mercerizing treatment, the cotton fiber undergoes physical and chemical changes, which can greatly increase the color yield of reactive dyes and save dyeing materials 2 to 3; produce medium-dark products, especially Black, dark blue, dark green, coffee, etc. must be mercerized to produce high-quality products.


3. It can increase the moisture absorption and elasticity of knitwear

After mercerizing knitted fabric, the moisture absorption and elasticity are obviously increased, making it the first choice for sportswear such as vests and sweatshirts.


4. It can increase the added value of the product

In recent years, knitwear has widely entered the market of home textiles. Twenty years ago, cotton knitted bed sheets, quilts, duvet covers and other commodities were found on the American market. There are professional printing and dyeing factories producing knitted home textiles in Wuhu, Anhui and other places in my country. Their printing and dyeing mostly use reactive dye processing technology to ensure quality improvement. High grade, equipped with mercerizing treatment and corresponding mercerizing equipment is indispensable.


5. Can meet the needs of multi-level users

With the improvement of people's living standards, there are new multi-level and diversified needs for the inner quality of knitted underwear. To meet these needs, multiple finishing is an important means, and mercerizing is one of its feasible means.

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