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2021ss French pv textile fabric trend exhibition

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In addition to excellent design, the choice of fabric is also an important factor for good clothing. An excellent design concept needs to have matching fabrics to express it perfectly.

Therefore, it is their daily needs for fashion designers to pay attention to fabrics and their fashion trends.

As an authoritative leader in the fashion industry, the bi-annual French PV textile fabric trend exhibition is recognized as the vane of international frontier fabric trends, leading the world's frontier fashion trends, and has a decisive industry influence. It is one of the ways for designers to understand the fashion trend of fabrics.

This spring and summer 2021 French pv textile fabric trend exhibition is centered on the theme of "sustainability and environmental friendliness".


Fabric craft

Multi-colored fibers and sequins are made into large-area fabrics, which are fused or superimposed to form a relief effect. Under the light, with the swing of the clothing, like the waves up and down, a visual effect of Ambilight is formed.

The fancy woven cotton cloth has an obvious blend of artificial and natural fibers, and has a soft and round relief effect. The cotton and linen blended fabric is soft, suitable for making casual jackets and trousers, and has the effect of lightness and body modification.

The well-designed weaving method, the subtle texture scattered on the transparent or opaque fabric, the exquisite jacquard pattern and the bright yarn set off each other, and the breath of summer is slowly revealed in this clean and hierarchical vision.


Pattern design

It is a collage that combines national characteristics and spontaneous narrative style, and expresses a kind of expressiveness by making abstract portraits in the way of paper-cutting.

Flowers of different shapes cluster and collide with each other, and the blooming petals form a brightly colored picture.

A wide variety of colorful fruits can soothe our hearts that are scorched by the hot sun in the summer. Thinking about eating a bite of sweet and sour juicy fruits in the hot summer, people can't help but feel emotional: the world is worth it!

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