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Biological enzyme washing

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Also called enzyme washing, enzyme is a kind of cellulase, which exists in natural organisms and is a natural and healthy beneficial enzyme. It can degrade the fiber structure under a certain pH value and temperature, so that the cloth surface can be faded more gently, and a lasting soft effect can be obtained. With the help of the rubbing and rubbing of the washing machine, the dye can fall off, the fluff can be removed, and the whitening effect can be faded. Biological enzyme washing avoids damage to clothing and fabrics and environmental pollution caused by water washing. It has a unique appearance and soft feel, nostalgic feeling and strong three-dimensional feeling, which increases the softness of the garment and the wrinkle feeling of the stitch (trace of the sewing thread). The color is good, the style is natural and unique, comfortable and casual, and it is also a very environmentally friendly washing method.

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