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How to identify fiber?

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The dissolution method is the most effective method to identify various fibers. The principle is to use the dissolution characteristics of various fibers in different chemical solvents and at different temperatures to determine their varieties.

The fiber to be identified can be put into a test tube, injected with a certain solvent, and stirred with a glass rod to observe the dissolution of the fiber. If the amount of fiber is very small, you can also put the sample into the concave surface of the concave glass slide, drip the solvent, cover the glass slide, and observe directly under the microscope. When using the dissolution method to identify fibers, the concentration of the solvent and heating temperature should be strictly controlled, and attention should be paid to the rate of fiber dissolution. The use of the dissolution method requires an accurate understanding of the chemical properties of various fibers, and the inspection procedure is also more complicated. The microscope observation method and the combustion method are more intuitive, but the inspector must have rich practical experience; the reagent color method and staining method are more complicated to operate and can be used in special circumstances.

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