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Master these 4 points! It's hard to think about insulating glass!

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When making insulating glass, the most important thing is quality. Quality represents a high-quality brand and a worry-free after-sales service. If the quality of insulating glass is not good, it will not only have a great impact on its own brand and reputation, but also the continuous after-sales problems will bring down the enterprise.

So how can we ensure the high quality rate of insulating glass?

At present, there are three common types of insulating glass on the market: aluminum trough type single-channel sealed insulating glass, aluminum trough type double-channel sealed insulating glass, and compound sealant insulating glass.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these types of insulating glass?

The aluminum groove single-channel seal, because of its poor sealing performance, is easy to enter the moisture, resulting in condensation and frost on the glass, and the service life is short, so this kind of insulating glass is gradually eliminated. The raw materials of the latter two kinds of insulating glass are mainly: glass, aluminum strip, gusset, butyl glue, two-component polysulfide glue or organic silicone glue, desiccant, compound sealant strip.

According to the conditions of use and composition of insulating glass, as long as the following points are mastered, it is really difficult to have a problem with a piece of insulating glass.

1. The selection of raw materials pursues high quality

Glass has the largest area of use, so it is necessary to avoid using ordinary glass, and choose tempered glass, coated glass, float glass, etc. The glass should be cut as required, and the surface should not have scratches, bubbles, etc.

2. Requirements for the use of sealants

Taking the common two-layer sealed insulating glass as an example, the choice of the first sealant should use hot-melt butyl glue, because of its extremely low water vapor transmission rate, excellent air sealing, and good adhesion. It is the most suitable for the first sealing structure. However, in the process of use, we must pay attention to the operation requirements of butyl rubber, otherwise it may cause the butyl rubber to not stick to glass or not to stick to aluminum strips.

In terms of secondary sealant, it is recommended to use two-component silicone adhesive, which has excellent structural, anti-aging and UV resistance properties. It is used together with butyl rubber to form a double-sealed insulating glass sealing system, which is very stable. of.

The purchase of sealant needs to be produced by high-quality manufacturers, which has quality assurance and after-sales service and guidance.

3. Use of aluminum strips

The aluminum bar is the skeleton of the insulating glass and the container for storing the desiccant. Therefore, the aluminum strip should have a uniform thickness, a smooth surface, anti-oxidation, and uniform pores, so that on the one hand, it can ensure the adhesion with the sealant, and on the other hand, it can maximize the effect of the desiccant.

4. Desiccant

This is the key to ensuring the drying inside the insulating glass, so be sure to use 3A molecular sieve,

While paying attention to materials, we must also pay attention to the environment of the entire workshop and the production process, and strictly follow the standard process, so that the quality of the insulating glass produced is really difficult.

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