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Sulphur Dye Introduction and Different Items

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Sulphur dyes are dyes dissolved with sulfide, mainly used for cotton fiber dyeing, and can also be used for cotton/vitamin -mixed textiles. The cost is low, and the dye is generally resistant to the sun, but the color is not bright enough. Common varieties include sulfide, sulfide, etc.


Pink sulfurization

The dye structure is D-S-S-D. Generally, it is necessary to boil sodium sulfide and apply it after dissolving. This type of dye is insoluble in water. The alkaline reduction can restore dyes into a hidden color and dissolved in water. The sodium salt of the hidden body can be adsorbed by fibers.

Water -soluble sulfurization

The dye structure is D-SSO3NA. This type of dye is characterized by water-soluble groups in the molecular structure of the dye, with good solubility and good dyeability. The normal sulphur dye reacts with sodium sulfate or sodium sodium sulfate to generate sulfate sulfate of dyes. It is 150g/L at 20 ° C. It is used for continuous dyeing. The solubility of water -soluble vulcanized dyes at room temperature is fast. There is no insoluble substance. The amount of saturated solubility is sufficient to meet the all -solubility requirements of dye chromators. Water -soluble sulfur dyes have excellent high temperature resistance. However, the dye does not contain a reducing agent, which is not affinity for fiber. When dyeing, sulfide needs to be added, and it is transformed into a state of affinity for cellulose fiber through a nuclear reaction and reduction reaction. Generally, suspended rolling dyeing method is applied to textiles.

Liquid sulfurization

The dye structure is D-SNA, which contains a certain amount of sodium sulfide reducing agent, and the dyes are pre-reduced into water-soluble hidden colors. Use a reducing agent to restore ordinary sulfur dyes into water -soluble colors, and add excessive reduction agent as antioxidants, and add liquid dyes made of penetrating agents, inorganic salts and soft water, also known as pre -reduction dyes. Dilute with water during use, you can directly apply it. Such dyes have sulfur -containing, such as Cassulfon dyes contain sodium sulfide, and also contain or contain a very small amount of sulfur, such as immedial dye, and there is no sulfur -containing wastewater during dyeing.

Environmentally friendly sulfur

During the production process, it is refined into dye color, but the amount of sulfur containing and the amount of multi -sulfide is much lower than that of ordinary sulfur dyes. The dye is highly purified, the restore is stable, and the permeability is good. At the same time, the glucose and insurance powder are used as a dual restoring agent in the dye bath.

Sulfide restoration

It is often made into powder, fine -like, ultra -fine powder or liquid dyes. It is suitable for polyester cotton -mixed textiles with decentralized dyes. Hydron Indocarbon dye.

Decentralized vulcanization

Differential vulcanized dyes are based on sulfur dyes and sulfide reduction dyes. They are made according to the processing method of decentralized dyes. They are mainly used for decentralized dye -dye dye dyeing polyester sticky or polyester cotton mixed textiles.

Sulphur dyes

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