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Super imitation cotton-a magical fiber that can replace cotton

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Polyester fabrics are easy to pilling, and pure cotton clothes tend to be deformed. So what kind of fiber has both the excellent characteristics of cotton and the excellent characteristics of polyester, which makes up for the shortcomings? That is super imitation cotton.


What is super imitation cotton?

The main body of super-imitation cotton is polyester, and the polyester content is greater than 85%. It is a differentiated functional polyester fiber, including filament-like cotton and staple fiber-like cotton. More vividly, super-imitation cotton products look like cotton (visual), feel like cotton (touch), wear like cotton (affinity), are more convenient to use than cotton (wash and wear), and have imitation cotton. The excellent characteristics of cotton-like and cotton-like victory over cotton are the product of the integration and integration of many technologies of polymerization-modified spinning, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing.


What does super-imitation cotton imitate: imitate the characteristics of cotton fiber.

① Imitate hairiness and bulkiness

Polyester filaments have high bundling and smooth surface. To make the surface feel cotton-like, the structure of the fiber must be changed. At present, there are mainly the following ways to improve the hairiness and bulkiness of polyester: using the air network form to blow the filaments apart and entangle them to form an irregular structure, and use different raw materials to combine to form a three-dimensional crimped bulky shape.

Observed from the hair feel, the air network deformed cotton-like silk has uneven fineness, and the difference in wool feel is large. The cotton-like silk with different combinations of raw materials has uniform fineness. The wool feel can only be prominent in the post-finishing process, and generally does not affect the subsequent process and produce.

②Imitate the moisture absorption of cotton fiber

At present, the methods to improve the moisture absorption of polyester mainly include: using fine denier or ultra-fine denier to increase the specific surface area of the fiber and increase the capillary wicking speed; modifying the fiber section, adding moisture absorption and moisture conduction grooves, and accelerating the moisture absorption speed; Hydrophilic modification is carried out to increase the hydrophilic group on the fiber to enhance the moisture absorption capacity of the fiber.

③Imitate the luster of cotton fiber

To improve the gloss of polyester and achieve the effect of cotton fiber, diffuse reflection on the surface of the fiber is required to weaken the reflection ability of light. The methods to reduce the gloss include: modify the surface of the fiber to reduce the reflection of light on the surface. Or absorb part of the light to form a soft luster, and use fine denier or ultra-fine denier to improve the diffuse reflection ability and make the light soft.


Make up for the defects of cotton fiber

The characteristics of polyester used make up for the shortcomings of cotton fabrics. For example, polyester has good weather resistance, such as light resistance, heat resistance, and mildew resistance, which can make up for the lack of durability of cotton fabrics; polyester has a large initial modulus, is stiff, and is not easily deformed. It has good shape retention and can make up for it. Cotton fabrics are easy to wrinkle, deform, and are not wear-resistant.


Application of super-imitation cotton products

Super-imitation cotton products are not only close to cotton fabrics in terms of fiber surface shape and fabric style, but more importantly, the performance and function of their fabrics are cotton-like and super-cotton, and they have excellent dynamic thermal and wet comfort properties. Therefore, its fibers can be widely used in knitting, woven, sportswear, casual wear, shirts, underwear, outerwear, home textiles and other products.

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