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Temporary closure of highway exits and service areas

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According to the latest information, affected by the continuous raging epidemic, all parts of East China have recently upgraded prevention and control measures, announcing the temporary closure of expressway exits and service areas.

Either "can't make an appointment with the driver", or "have an appointment with the driver and be deported halfway", or even the driver is blocked on the highway! In short, if you want to send a product, you have to use eighteen martial arts!

According to my incomplete statistics! Including the Yangtze River Delta, Northeast, Northwest, North China and other 18 provinces, over 800 expressway intersections and service areas are under control! Among them, there are 193 high-speed exits and service areas that have been closed in Jiangsu and Zhejiang (including 55 service areas and 138 high-speed exits)!

In addition, a total of 18 provincial expressways have some toll stations and service areas closed, involving the Yangtze River Delta, Northeast, Northwest, North China and other provinces.

At the same time, the currently open highway entrances have also set many restrictions on truck drivers, and a large number of drivers cannot get off the highway due to the star in the itinerary code or the license plate from other places.

The areas with strict sealing and control include Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and other major textile provinces, and even more than ten regions in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, covering more than 10,000 textile enterprises. Half of the country" has been affected.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions are important gathering places for the textile industry. Strict logistics control makes it difficult for the market to move forward! And other areas are just as tough! Up to now, most of China has been caught in a logistics storm!

Based on this, the high-speed situation is too severe, the impact is too great, and it has even seriously affected people's lives. The drivers are even more complaining. Fortunately, everything is about to improve. The country finally heard our distress signal. Now the State Council has urgently issued a Various measures must not be overweighted at will, and they must not be lazy!

1. It is strictly forbidden to block or close expressways, ordinary roads, and waterway locks without authorization, and it is strictly forbidden to set up epidemic prevention checkpoints on the main lines and service areas of expressways.

2. The passage of freight vehicles and drivers and passengers shall not be restricted at will, and the place of registration of the vehicle and the place of residence shall not be used as a condition for restricting passage. Dock.

Relevant departments of the State Council should step up supervision and inspections, supervise epidemic prevention and control measures layer by layer, simply implement "one-size-fits-all" persuasion to return, set up epidemic prevention checkpoints in violation of regulations, and block transportation channels without authorization, and should supervise and speed up rectification. For those that seriously affect the smooth flow of freight and cause shortages or interruptions in material supply, relevant localities, units and personnel shall be seriously investigated in accordance with laws and regulations.

Now, I only hope that these new policies can be implemented in all regions and regions as soon as possible, so that the most important economic artery of our motherland can be restored as soon as possible! Believe everything will be fine!

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