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The color beauty of natural dyes is beyond your imagination!

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Perhaps, you never knew about plant dyeing, or you knew that some plants and food can be dyed, such as indigo, onion, mulberry, avocado, etc., but you may not believe that there are so many types of plants and natural dyes that can be dyed , the color will be so rich.

When different plants are combined with different mordants, completely different colors will be obtained. Therefore, although the color combination cannot be said to be infinite, it can be said to be completely varied.

I shared the color card of plant dyeing a long time ago, which intuitively shows the different beautiful colors obtained by combining common natural dyes with different mordants. Today’s sharing is a bit similar. The same natural dye is directly displayed through photos, which can be dyed. of different colors.

The dyeing world of plants and nature is so wonderful that it is worth exploring, or at least appreciating.


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