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The main factor that affects the process of dyeing

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There are many factors that affect the dye dyeing process, mainly including:

1. Dye properties

The dye structure and molecular size and shape determine the solubility, diffusionability of dyes, and the height of dyes and fibers.

2. the nature and concentration of the aid

There are many categories in the dye or dye bath, or acid, alkali, salt, or oxidant, reducing agent, and more dispersion agents, uniform dyes, and dyes. The solubility, decentralization stability, the diffusion in the dyeing bath and the fiber, and the upper dye rate will affect.

3. dyeing machine function

The function of the dyeing machine, especially the flow of the main pump and the heat exchanger, has a great impact on the dissolution of dyes, internal and external diffusion, and adsorption.

4. process parameters

Process parameters, including the concentration of dyes, bath ratios, temperature, increased cooling rate, insulation time, dyeing time, and the setting of the positive and negative cycle of the dyeing fluid, and the adding aids will affect the dye dyeing process.

5. Fiber properties

The structure and surface characteristics of the fiber itself will also affect the upper dyeing process of dyes, such as ultra -fine fibers, which is small, larger than the surface area, and the surface adsorption dye is fast and the amount of dye is large. The easier the dye diffuses inside the fiber, the faster the upper dyeing rate.

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