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What are the common types of leveling agents?

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There are generally three types of leveling agents:

1.Modified polysiloxane type leveling agent

This type of leveling agent can strongly reduce the surface tension of the coating, improve the wettability of the coating to the substrate, and prevent shrinkage; it can reduce the difference in surface tension caused by the volatilization of the solvent on the wet film surface, improve the surface flow state, and make The coating is leveled quickly; this type of leveling agent can also form a thin and smooth film on the surface of the coating film, thereby improving the smoothness and gloss of the coating film surface.


2. Long-chain resin leveling agent with limited compatibility

Such as acrylate homopolymer or copolymer, it can reduce the surface tension of the coating and the substrate to improve the wettability and prevent shrinkage; and it can form a monomolecular layer on the surface of the coating film to make the surface tension of the coating film uniform and improve Surface fluidity, inhibit solvent volatilization speed, remove defects such as orange peel and brush marks, and make the coating film smooth.


3. Leveling agent with high boiling point solvent as the main component

This type of leveling agent can adjust the volatilization speed of the solvent, so that the coating film has a relatively balanced volatilization speed and dissolving power during the drying process, and prevents the coating film from evaporating too fast and the viscosity is too high to prevent the flow of the coating film and cause poor leveling It can prevent the poor solubility of base material caused by solvent volatilization and shrinkage caused by precipitation

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