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What is Nylon 6?

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Nylon 6 is a type of polymer material with characteristic structure amide bonds on the main chain of macromolecules, and its dyeing performance is similar to wool. It has excellent strength, abrasion resistance, soft hand feeling, light texture and other good wearing properties, and it occupies an important position in synthetic fibers. At the same time, the moisture regain of nylon fabric is relatively high, reaching 4.5% to 7%. It is comfortable to wear, and the nylon fabric is lighter. The fabric of this fiber and its blended fabric is used for mountaineering suits, sportswear, swimwear and other clothing materials to have a light and comfortable feeling. Especially in recent years, the development of superfine nylon fibers has greatly improved the quality of the raw materials themselves.

Nylon 6 fabrics are generally dyed with disperse dyes, acid dyes and neutral dyes. For the dyeing of nylon 6 fabrics, acid dyes are combined with nylon 6 terminal amine groups through strong ionic bonds or electrostatic attraction to obtain bright colors with excellent color fastness, thus becoming the first choice for dyeing nylon 6 fabrics.

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