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What is Nylon and how to choose dyestuff?

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Nylon (nylon) is a hydrophobic fiber with amino and carboxyl groups on the fiber. As a basic material, it has a wide range of applications, especially in the textile industry. Nylon can be dyed with disperse dyes, acid dyes, especially weak acid dyes. Its dyeing has the characteristics of fast dyeing rate and high exhaustion rate. However, due to the different spinning process specifications, the fiber structure is very different, which leads to large differences in dyeing performance and easy to produce color differences.

If the selected dyes differ greatly in dye uptake and affinity, the color of the fiber will be very different in different dyeing time, resulting in color difference and poor reproducibility of the size sample. The preventive and remedial measures are to choose dyeing and chemical series with similar dyeing curve and affinity, good compatibility, and suitable for production machines.

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