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What is acrylic fiber and its application?

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What is acrylic fiber and its application?


Acrylic fiber, the scientific name polyacrylonitrile fiber, is a fiber made by spinning acrylonitrile as the main monomer (content greater than 85%) and a small amount of other monomers. Its main feature is that it resembles wool in appearance, feel, elasticity, and warmth retention, so it is called "synthetic wool". Acrylic fiber has a wide range of uses, abundant raw materials, and rapid development. It is now one of the three major synthetic fibers, and its output is second only to polyester and nylon.

acrylic fabrics

 1. Advantage

(1) Acrylic fabrics are dyed brightly, and their light resistance ranks first among all fiber fabrics. When exposed to the open air for one year, the strength only drops by 20%.

(2) The elasticity is better, second only to polyester and about 2 times higher than nylon.

(3) Acrylic fiber has good heat resistance, with a softening temperature of 190-230°C, second only to polyester in synthetic fibers, and is resistant to acids, oxidants and organic solvents.

(4) Acrylic fiber is a lighter fabric among synthetic fiber fabrics, second only to polypropylene fiber, so it is a good lightweight clothing material, such as mountaineering suits, winter warm clothing, etc.

2. Disadvantage

(1) Acrylic fabric has poor hygroscopicity, is easy to stain, and feels stuffy when worn.

(2) Abrasion resistance is the worst among various synthetic fiber fabrics.

(3) Not resistant to alkali.


Acrylic fiber is fluffy and soft, light in weight, warm, easy to wash and dry, not afraid of insects and mildew, suitable for knitting sweaters, acrylic blankets, and can also be processed into artificial fur. Acrylic fiber has high light fastness and is suitable for making outdoor fabrics. However, it has poor abrasion resistance and alkali resistance. Don't scrub hard when washing, and don't use soap or detergent with too strong alkalinity.

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