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What is grey cloth?

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Grey cloth refers to the semi-finished product that has not been dyed and finished after the fiber is woven into a fabric. Dyeing and finishing companies often refer to the grey fabrics that have not been scoured and desizing as green fabrics. The grey cloth after scouring and desizing is called cooked grey cloth.

The main factors affecting the quality of dyeing and finishing products are raw materials, processes, equipment, operations, and the environment. Among them, grey fabrics have a great influence on the quality of dyeing and finishing products.

After scouring and bleaching the grey fabric, the cloth surface is clear and white, and the remaining colored defects on the grey fabric will be exposed. Therefore, the oil and color defects of the grey fabric, such as oil warp, oil weft, color warp, color weft, coal ash yarn, etc. Defects in hemp, hair, and straw (collectively referred to as three threads) should be paid special attention. Chemical fiber blended and pure spinning products have higher requirements for the above-mentioned defects due to their higher whiteness. Compared with dyed grey fabrics, bleached grey fabrics have slightly lower requirements for evenness, neps, and small yarn defects.

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