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What is solideffect?

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The same color effect (solideffect or union-dye effect) means that two fibers are dyed into similar hue or tone, and the apparent color is deep or the color is similar in intensity, and the color vividness is also close. If expressed by the color characteristic value, the same color effect means that the brightness or brightness L of the two fibers is similar, the reddish green index a and the yellowish blue index b are similar, the hue angle H is similar, the saturation C is similar, and the reflection The spectral curve is similar to the maximum absorption wavelength λmax, and the apparent color depth K/S value is similar.

Same color dyeing is one of the most commonly used dyeing methods for bicomponent fiber textiles, especially for those bicomponent fiber textiles developed for the purpose of reducing raw material costs, improving durability and improving the physical properties of fabrics.

The difficulty of dyeing the same color varies greatly depending on the fiber combination. Fiber combinations with similar dyeing properties are easier to dye with the same color; for fiber combinations with very different dyeing properties, as long as the two fibers are dyed separately, the problem of homochromaticity can be solved by color matching. The two types of dyes are more likely to stain the two types of fibers with each other. When the stain is small or easy to remove, it is relatively easy to dye the same color.

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