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What is the difference between dyeing and printing?

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Many people always confuse dyeing and printing, but in fact there are obvious differences between the two. Next, let me give you a popular science about the difference between dyeing and printing.

A. The difference between dyeing and printing has the following eight points:

1. Printing is better at covering the defects of gray fabric than dyeing.

2. Printed cloth has very strict requirements on the weft skew of semi-finished products.

3. Dyeing and printing may have special requirements for the same type of dye.

4. Dyeing and printing have different pretreatment requirements for semi-finished products. (such as whiteness, hair effect)

5. Do not add or add a small amount of thickening paste to the dyeing solution, and add more thickening paste to the printing paste.

6. When dyeing, the dye penetration and diffusion are sufficient. When printing, dyes are not easy to diffuse and penetrate, and must be steamed or baked.

7. Dyeing solution, the dye is easy to dissolve, no co-solvent is added. Printing color paste, add more co-solvent. the

8. Dyeing is rarely done with two different types of dyes. Printing often uses different types of dyes.

B. There are three similarities between dyeing and printing:

1. The same type of fiber can have the same color fastness if it is dyed and printed with the same dye.

2. The physical and chemical properties of the chemical additives used are similar. the

3. The dyeing and color fixing principles of applied dyes are similar.

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