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What is the impact of water quality on dyeing? ①

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It is generally believed that the hardness below 50 ppm has no impact, and 20ppm is already a good water.

The water quality of the tube yarn is not the same, but the copper and iron ion content in the water should be paid attention.

Usually active dyeing is better below 50ppm. The key is the metal ion content, especially iron ions, which can cause changes in color light. It is recommended to measure the conductivity of water.

The recovery of wastewater discharged by standards is used for drift dye production. The main reason why products are prone to color flowers are the high conductivity of the water; the reuse of wastewater in rafting should pay attention to the conductivity of wastewater. Conventional sewage treatment methods cannot effectively remove metal ions with high waste hydropower guidance, and must be removed by reverse osmosis membrane.

The water quality is overwhelmed on the wall of the boiler, and the calcium and magnesium ions in the water can precipitate soap. Instead of dyeing, the fabric feels poor and the fabric is yellow. Reduce the activity of the degraded enzyme, reduce the solubility of the pulp material, and do not dissolve it with the chemical agent of the compilation formula.

The processing method can be tried by 2g/L with EDTA or sodium trimer. It is better to buy a dedicated metal ion blocking agent; if the dyeing water is treated without softening, or metal ions often contain in thick cloth, it often causes uneven dyeing ( The impact of poor). Therefore, adding Aohe decentralized agent during the dyeing process to prevent metal ions from affecting the effect of metal ions, and it can promote the effect of removal.

But EDTA (ethylema dihamine), DTPA, NTA, phosphate, glucose acid and other Aohe dispersed agents may combine the metal ion in the dye, resulting in a decrease in sunlight and leg change. Therefore, some netizens recommend Multi -phosphoric acid, diverse alcoholic acid scattered agent.


Impurities and microorganisms

The categorian soft tablet working fluid is unstable in the river water. It has floccorated with the microorganisms in the river water to produce yellow flocculent materials, stained on the fabric, and after drying and setting, it will form macular. Why is the quality problem particularly prone to occur when the temperature is more prone to the reproduction of algae in May and June, and this is rare in autumn and winter.

The quality of water quality has a great impact on the stability of the soft working fluid and the whiteness of the fabric after soft organizing, so the printing and dyeing factory should be used as much as possible during production.

Some manufacturers still have similar situations when they use the water quality of activated carbon filtration. This is because the microorganisms are small, and the activated carbon cannot be completely adsorbed or filtered. Therefore Microbial flocculation can improve the effect of water treatment by active carbon filtering; in addition, active carbon must be cleaned or replaced regularly.

If the above method is not feasible or still cannot eliminate quality problems, it is recommended that the factory use non -ions, anion soft tablets or non -ion soft tablets with silicone oil when the algae breeding is strong.

In the manufacturers with more macular production, this kind of situation is organized with amino silicone oil.

Winter is not a good sign for printing and dyeing plants, and the water quality is poor.

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