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What is the traditional printing and dyeing processing mode?

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Knitted fabrics are easy to stretch and deform, easy to wrinkle, easy to curl, and size and shape are not easy to stabilize, etc., which require dyeing and finishing, especially pre-treatment (also known as scouring and bleaching) and dyeing procedures. The size of the tension and pressure, that is, the higher the degree of relaxation of the fabric, the better.

Ordinary rope dyeing machine, jet overflow dyeing machine, airflow dyeing machine, etc., can realize loose processing of scouring, bleaching, dyeing, washing, etc., and can be adapted to various states such as tube shape, open width, and seam into a tube. Knitted fabrics are therefore not only the necessary equipment for dyeing knitted fabrics, but also the commonly used scouring and bleaching equipment.

The loose processing and the wide range of adaptable fabrics (tube, open width, seam into a tube) are the outstanding advantages of the "dyeing machine scouring and bleaching method" commonly used in the industry, but there are poor scouring and bleaching quality and poor cloth surface effect. Such as prone to wrinkles, high energy consumption such as water, electricity and gas, large amount of chemicals and large emissions of pollutants, as well as many shortcomings such as low production efficiency and high labor intensity.

The fundamental way to overcome these shortcomings is to adopt continuous scouring and bleaching technology. However, the easy stretching and deformation of knitted fabrics increase the difficulty of scouring and bleaching technology. The main manifestation is: how to control the knitted fabric in the continuous scouring and bleaching process. The degree of slack, it is best that the fabric does not stretch or even shrink; how to ensure the best cloth surface effect, avoid wrinkles, scratches, and friction hairiness; how to ensure whiteness and "hair effect" , The cotton fiber damage degree is the lowest; how to wash or remove all kinds of impurities and their decomposition products and chemicals remaining in the fabric.

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