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What performance do ink-jet printing inks need to have?

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Inkjet printing ink The type of ink is determined according to the characteristics of digital inkjet printing technology and product requirements. Regardless of the type of ink, the following performance requirements are required: 

Safety: Non-toxic, odorless, non-carcinogenic and non-flammable. 

Viscosity: The viscosity of the ink used for inkjet printing is lower than that of traditional printing. If the viscosity is high, the sprayed droplets will be drawn and affect the spraying speed. Generally, the CIJ technology requires a viscosity of 2 to 10 mPa.s, and the DOD technology requires a viscosity of 10 to 30 mPa.s.

Surface tension: The surface tension of the ink is high, and different printing methods have different requirements for the surface tension of the ink. The recommended surface tension of the CIJ printing machine is 40-60 mN/m, and the DOD printing machine is usually 40-50 mN/m m.

Conductivity: CIJ type printing machine requires greater than 750 S/m, DOD type printing machine does not require.

Particle size: Generally, it is required to be controlled below 1 μm, and the nozzle cannot be blocked.

pH: It is required to be controlled at 4-8.

Others: The ink is required to have high purity, good stability, and wide adaptability; high-quality patterns can be produced on the substrate, the coloring rate is high, and it has good light fastness, and the dry rubbing fastness can reach more than 4 grades, and the wet rubbing fastness can reach level 4. The fastness reaches above grade 3.5, etc.

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