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What should be paid attention to in the production of feather yarn?

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1. Choose appropriate raw materials.

Take nylon feather yarn as an example. Its raw materials must be produced from imported nylon chips in order to prevent the occurrence of color irregularities.

2. Constant temperature treatment.

The raw material of Lun Feather yarn should be treated with steam at constant temperature, otherwise it will be curled and colored.

3. Replace the cutter blade in time.

If the blade is not replaced in time, severe hair loss will occur.

4. Finished product inspection.

Feather yarns off the machine will have wool-free yarns and greasy yarns, which must be inspected by someone to pick out defective yarns.

5. Shake.

Shaking skeins must use large-scale automatic skeins to produce large patterns, and the frame length must be long to prepare for the subsequent pouring of the wool, otherwise the wool will not be poured and the loss will be serious. The skein must be less than 0.25kg, otherwise the nylon will be spent.

6. Dyeing control.

①Since the dyeing speed of nylon raw materials is fast, it is not easy to dye uniformly, it is easy to be colored, and the color is different. Therefore, when dyeing and finishing, the temperature must be increased slowly and the dyeing agent must be added. Different batches of nylon raw materials cannot be mixed and uneven coloring will occur.

②The dyed feather yarn cannot be dried with a baking machine. If it is dried, there will be problems such as loose hair, color difference, and poor hand feeling.

③Apply softener to ensure good hand feeling.

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