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Why is the color jumping (color change) smaller when dyed by similar dyes?

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①Innumerable products of any type of dye have been developed, but not many products are suitable for the commercial market. If the global dye companies that are suitable for commercialization are competing to imitate them, some of them only slightly change the chemical structure of the dye in order to avoid patents. Therefore, the wavelength spectrum of the dye very close.

② Everyone in the dyeing and finishing factory has little difference in technology, and the dyes used are an open secret: the dyes in the dyeing factories are almost the same.

●Therefore, the reason why the color change is small when using the same type of dyes.

For example, the customer who dyed cotton gave the standard color sample of cotton, and the dyed nylon gave the standard color sample of nylon.

●The more dissimilar the dyes, the greater the color change.

At present, computer color matching is definitely effective for the color change (jump light) of three colors. Find the combination with the lowest color change value for the dye you are currently calculating (that is, the dye in use in the factory), (but it may not be completely eliminated. There is a color change, and the color change value is larger or smaller, unless it is a coincidence).

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