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Why is the price of acidic dyes soaring?

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1. Overview of acid dyes

Acid dyes refer to the acid group in the dye molecules, also known as anion dye, which can be combined with amino groups in protein fiber molecules with ion bonds and applicable under acidic, weak acids or neutral conditions. Mainly nitrogen and , structures, a few are aromatum methane structures. Dyes and colors generally have colors of themselves, and can obtain other substances in a molecular state or decentralized state to obtain clear and firm color.

The acid dyes are divided into strong acid, weak acid, acid medium, and acidic complex dye according to their chemical structure and dyeing conditions.

Second, the development status of the acid dye industry

As the domestic safety and environmental situation is becoming increasingly severe, the dye industry is facing the pressure of fluctuations in upstream raw material supply and the upgrading of dye production equipment and increasing investment in environmental protection technical reform, which has affected the production capacity of enterprises in some industries. Many small dye manufacturers have also withdrawn from the market. , Dye supply contraction. At the same time, due to the rise in domestic raw materials and labor costs, my country's dye industry has gradually shifted to Southeast Asia and India. By 2020, China's dye production will be 769,000 tons, a year -on -year decrease of 2.66%.

In the first half of 2021, the output of dyes in China was 403,000 tons, an increase of 26.7%year -on -year. Mainly due to the control of domestic epidemic, coupled with the influence of the new crown epidemic in India and Southeast Asian countries, dye orders cannot be completed, so that a large number of dye orders have begun to return to China and promote the rise in China's dye production.

In 2020, my country's total dye production was 769,900 tons, including seven major categories including decentralized dyes, active dyes, sulfur dyes, reducing dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes and other dyes. Among them, the output of acidic dye was 35,000 tons, and the proportion of total dye production was 4.6%.

China's acid dye production has declined as a whole. Among them, in 2016, China's acid dye production reached its maximum value, and the output was 58,000 tons. Due to the influence of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the yield of acid dye in China fell to 35,000 tons, a year -on -year decrease of 16.67%. With the control of the new crown epidemic in China, it is expected that China's acid dye production will rise slowly in 2021.

Third, the current status of acid dyes import and export

China is a large country of dye demand. It has great demand for acidic dyes. Domestic production is not enough to meet demand. Therefore, a large number of imports are needed. According to Chinese customs data, the import volume of acid dyes in 2020 was 11,317 tons, a year -on -year decrease of 11.93%, which was mainly affected by the new crown. From January to October 2021, the export volume of acid dyes in China gradually rebounded, reaching 12,468 tons, an increase of 38.81%year-on-year.

According to Chinese customs data, the export volume of acid dyes in 2015-2019 showed a decline in year-on-year decline, and by 2019, the export volume of acid dyes in China fell to 9228 tons. Due to the influence of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the production of global acid dyes was affected, and the export volume of acid dyes in China increased, reaching 9,839 tons, an increase of 6.62%year -on -year. From January to October 2021, the export volume of acid dyes in China was 8,951 tons, an increase of 13.16%year-on-year.

Fourth, the development trend of acid dye industry

China's large -scale acid dye enterprises have gradually established a comprehensive ecological, environmental and health concepts, increased investment in comprehensive environmental protection, continuously improved production equipment and process technologies around energy saving and emission reduction, and continuously absorb high -tech results in combination Promoting acid dye clean production preparation technology has reduced the production of pollutants such as wastewater and COD. The comprehensive strength of small and medium -sized dye enterprises is weak. If it cannot invest large investment in technology and environmental protection, it will be eliminated in fierce market competition. In the future, the concentration of the acid dye industry will be further increased, and the market share of large dye companies will be further expanded. With the development of the market and the guidance of national industrial policies, the stricter of environmental protection policies, green, environmental protection and differentiation, and dye products that meet mid -to -high -end demand will become the direction of future development.

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