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Latest News and Updates on Textile Auxiliaries and Dyes

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates on textile auxiliaries and dyes from Tiankun Chemical.

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These are related to the basic dyes manufacturers news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in basic dyes manufacturers and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand basic dyes manufacturers market.
  • Dyeing Methods with Commonly Used Dyes


    Direct dye dyeingDirect dyes can be used for dyeing various cotton and viscose products. When dyeing, first wet the fabric with water, add it to the dye solution, heat it to 95°C, add neutral salt to promote dyeing, and dye it for 60 minutes. Wash with water after dyeing, and if necessary, add color Read More
  • Understanding Basic Dyes And Polyester Dyes: Exploring Their Properties And Applications


    Color plays a crucial role in our lives, and dyes are the key to achieving vibrant and long-lasting shades. Two popular types of dyes used in various industries are basic dyes and polyester dyes. In this article, we will delve into the properties and applications of these dyes, understanding their u Read More
  • 4 factors to consider when choosing dyes


    4 factors to consider when choosing dyes1.Select dyes according to the cost of dyes: When choosing dyes, not only must consider the shade and fastness, but also consider the cost of dyes and the auxiliary agents used, and the source of goods.2. Select dyes according to the mechanical properties of d Read More
  • What is cheese dyeing?


    What is cheese dyeing?What is cheese dyeing? Cheese dyeing is a method of dyeing yarn. It is wound on a special plastic bobbin with small holes through a spool car to allow the dye to penetrate into the cheese. The cheese dyeing process is a chemical change and requires pre-treatment, Enter the vat Read More
  • Wood dyeing technology makes wood easy to peel


    Wood dyeing technology makes wood easy to peelThe wood dyeing technology is called wood dyeing technology by combining with dyes physically or chemically to obtain a firm color. Ordinary or low-quality wood is processed through techniques such as dyeing and simulating wood grain, which can eliminate Read More
  • What are the ribbon dyeing process?


    What are the ribbon dyeing processWhat are the ribbon dyeing process? The webbing can be used as a kind of clothing accessory products, but also as a kind of textiles. There are two main methods for coloring webbing. One is the most widely used dyeing (conventional dyeing), which is mainly to proces Read More
  • The influence and factors of cationic dyes


    The influence and factors of cationic dyesCationic dyes have a high affinity for acrylic fibers, and because of fast absorption and slow diffusion during dyeing, uneven dyeing is easy to occur. Once uneven dyeing occurs, it is difficult to correct it by extending the dyeing time. When dyeing with ca Read More
  • The level dyeing problem of cotton yarn dyeing with vat dye


    The level dyeing problem of cotton yarn dyeing with vat dyeVat dyes are still the first choice among all kinds of dyes due to their superior fastness. However, the dyeing of cotton yarn with vat dyes is affected by many factors, and it is not easy to increase the rate of level dyeing products, which Read More
  • Detailed introduction of basic dyes


    Detailed introduction of basic dyesBasic dyes, basic dye(s), also known as basic dyes. Dyes that can dissociate to form cationic pigments in aqueous solutions are classified as cationic dyes. Since basic dyes have poor color fastness to light and color to washing after dyeing fibers, they are now ra Read More



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