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What are the ribbon dyeing process?

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What are the ribbon dyeing process? The webbing can be used as a kind of clothing accessory products, but also as a kind of textiles. There are two main methods for coloring webbing. One is the most widely used dyeing (conventional dyeing), which is mainly to process the webbing in a chemical dye solution. Another method is to use paint, which is made into tiny insoluble colored particles to adhere to the fabric (the dyeing of fiber raw materials is not included here).

The ribbons are colorful and the colors are very bright. It is an ideal partner for many clothing and bags. But to weave such a gorgeous ribbon, dyeing requires a high degree of skill. Next, let's talk about how to dye the webbing.


Ribbon dyeing process and process

Dyeing process determined by material:


Characteristics of polyester fiber (dense)-hot melt dyeing, high temperature and high pressure dyeing-selected dyes-disperse dyes-temperature-(hot melt dyeing) about 190 degrees Celsius-(high temperature and high pressure dyeing) about 130 degrees Celsius 2 .Nylon (protein product)

Nylon fiber characteristics (with reactive functional groups)-steaming process-selected dyes-(weak) acid dyes-temperature-about -100 degrees Celsius.


Cotton products (cellulose fiber)

The basic process and flow of the dyeing workshop

1. Polyester fiber

In the belt-before washing-before drying-coloring tank-pre-drying (infrared)-high temperature baking-after washing (reduction cleaning)-after drying-take off. 

The role of infrared pre-baking: the dye molecules are initially attached to the fiber to prevent the appearance of color flowers and other problems.

The role of high-temperature baking: to make the dye molecules fully enter the fiber, and complete the process of dyeing the fiber with the dye. 

The role of reduction and cleaning: to decompose the excess dye molecules to ensure the color fastness of the product. 

2. Nylon fiber

Into the belt-coloring tank-hot steam steaming-post water washing-post drying-take off.

The role of steaming: make the acid dye molecules fully react with the corresponding functional groups in the fiber to complete the process of dyeing the fiber with the acid dye. 

The function of water washing: remove the dye molecules that have not reacted completely, and ensure the color fastness of ribbons, ribbons and other products.

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