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4 factors to consider when choosing dyes

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1.Select dyes according to the cost of dyes: When choosing dyes, not only must consider the shade and fastness, but also consider the cost of dyes and the auxiliary agents used, and the source of goods.


2. Select dyes according to the mechanical properties of dyeing: Due to different dyeing machines, the properties and requirements of dyes are also different. If it is used for jig dyeing, dyes with higher directness should be selected; for pad dyeing, dyes with lower directness should be selected, otherwise it will produce products that do not meet the requirements, such as dark front and back light, uneven color.

3. Select dyes according to fiber properties: various fibers have different properties, so you need to choose suitable dyes when dyeing.


4. The choice of dyes in color matching: When color matching is needed, attention should be paid to their composition, solubility, color fastness, dye uptake and other properties when selecting dyes. Since the dyeing performance of various dyes is different, the dyeing effect will often be affected by the difference in temperature, solubility, dye uptake, etc. during dyeing. Therefore, when performing color matching, dyes with similar properties must be selected, and the closer the better, which can help control the process conditions and stabilize the dyeing quality.

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