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Latest News and Updates on Textile Auxiliaries and Dyes

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates on textile auxiliaries and dyes from Tiankun Chemical.

cationic dye reaction

These are related to the cationic dye reaction news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in cationic dye reaction and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand cationic dye reaction market.
  • The nature of cationic dyes


    The nature of cationic dyesSolubilityThe salt-forming alkyl and anionic groups in the cationic dye molecule affect the solubility of the dye. In addition, if there are anionic compounds in the dyeing medium, such as anionic surfactants and anionic dyes, they will also combine with cationic dyes to f Read More
  • Knitwear dyes testing standards


    Knitwear dyes testing standardsKnitwear dye detectionAt present, most of the fabrics in our country are divided into knitted and woven. Woven fabrics are fabrics formed by weaving warp yarns and weft yarns perpendicular to each other. Knitted fabrics are made by forming loops of yarn or filaments wi Read More
  • How to improve the color fastness of fabrics?


    How to improve the color fastness of fabrics?How to improve the color fastness of fabrics? The color fastness of fabrics refers to the dyeing fastness of textiles, referred to as color fastness, which means that the dyed or printed fabric is subjected to external factors, such as extrusion, friction Read More
  • The influence and factors of cationic dyes


    The influence and factors of cationic dyesCationic dyes have a high affinity for acrylic fibers, and because of fast absorption and slow diffusion during dyeing, uneven dyeing is easy to occur. Once uneven dyeing occurs, it is difficult to correct it by extending the dyeing time. When dyeing with ca Read More
  • Points to note when choosing and using cationic dyes


    Points to note when choosing and using cationic dyes1. In cationic dyes, except for disperse cationic dyes, the dyeing speed of other cationic dyes is faster. In order to ensure level dyeing, when using these cationic dyes, it is necessary to add a retarder that matches the dye at the same time. Reg Read More



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