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Points to note when choosing and using cationic dyes

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1. In cationic dyes, except for disperse cationic dyes, the dyeing speed of other cationic dyes is faster. In order to ensure level dyeing, when using these cationic dyes, it is necessary to add a retarder that matches the dye at the same time. Regarded as a colorless cationic dye, its value (compatibility value) should be slightly smaller than that of the cationic dye.

Cationic dyes

2. The value of cationic dyes is very important for its color matching. Cationic dyes with the same value should be selected for color matching to make each component dye evenly colored.

3. The value of the conjugated cationic dye has nothing to do with the property of acrylic fiber and the value of the isolated cationic dye depends on the property of acrylic fiber. When the porosity of acrylic fiber is below 0.15×10 L/g and the total acidic group is below About 100mMol/kg. The value of the isolated cationic dye is its characteristic index. If the acrylic fiber pore rate and total acidity are outside the above range, the value of the isolated cationic dye will change. Three of the blue cationic dyes selected as the standard in the current SDC method for determining the value of cationic dyes are isolated cationic dyes. Therefore, the value of cationic dyes determined by the SDC method is only suitable for acrylic fibers with porosity and total acid groups within the above range.

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