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Turkish textile industry seeks global cooperation

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As the global economy recovers from the epidemic, the Turkish textile industry hopes to open a new era of cooperation with international companies and brands, with production capacity exceeding US$100 billion. Turkey is the fifth largest textile supplier in the world and is expected to export textiles worth approximately US$12 billion (US$30 billion including clothing) by 2021.


The Istanbul Textile and Raw Material Exporters Association stated in a press release that the US$90 billion production capacity of the Turkish textile and clothing industry can be improved by equipping facilities with modern production infrastructure and qualified production capacity. The Turkish textile industry currently employs more than 1 million skilled workers.


"International trade is about to recover, which provides great opportunities for cooperation between Turkish textile companies and foreign partners." Ahmet Öksüz, chairman of the Istanbul Textile and Raw Material Exporters Association, said in a press release. "We are experiencing an era: global brands, especially industrial textile companies, need more and more cooperation. By establishing a win-win relationship, we hope to turn the epidemic era into an era full of opportunities. Our domestic textile industry has many First-class companies, these companies have proven their strength in the global market." Öksüz added.


The rising momentum in the technical textiles sector in recent years, the industry’s impressive production capacity, and Turkey’s strategic position between Europe and Asia have enabled potential partnerships to bring great benefits to all stakeholders and will be very important. Quickly reflected in the country’s trade data.


"This is a dynamic industry, characterized by innovation and entrepreneurship," Öksüz said. "We are rooted in the integrated business of the textile industry. With the support of our R&D and innovation capabilities, the industry is changing with each passing day, demonstrating the industry's cutting-edge infrastructure and vitality." As the customs union agreement between Turkey and the European Union came into effect in 1996 , The Turkish textile industry fully complies with EU standards and regulations.

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