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Causes and solutions of watermarks during dyeing

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Watermark means that the dyed semi-finished products are dripped or splashed with water droplets before dyeing, in the process of dyeing and fixing and after dyeing, so that the dyes and chemical auxiliaries on the fabrics that are dripped and splashed with water droplets are diluted and destroyed, resulting in local light color. In severe cases, the dye color of the dyed fabric is not damaged, but the watermark on the fabric is caused by the water droplets.


The dyeing and finishing process is characterized by more water, more steam and more condensed water;

1. Water dripping from the roof of the factory building

2. The water vapor evaporated by the drying machine, pre-drying machine cover, and frame is condensed into water droplets when drying;

3. The cut-off door of the horizontal water spray pipe above the dryer is not closed tightly, resulting in water leakage;

4. There is steam leakage, water leakage or blisters in the drying cylinder at the steam inlet and outlet at both ends of the drying cylinder;

5. The upper steam plate of the steamer is not open

Way to overcome

1. Water droplets before mercerizing can be eliminated by mercerizing. Water droplets should not be used after fabric mercerizing and during the dyeing process without completing the color fixation. Water droplets in post-finishing affect the appearance, but can be eliminated.

2. Pay attention to the generation of anti-fog and water droplets when designing the workshop;

3. Strengthen vehicle distribution management;

4. Prevent water leakage and steam leakage

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