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Dyestuff companies actively respond to cost pressures

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Industry experts believe that in the second half of this year, the cost of dyes will continue to show an upward trend driven by the price increase of bulk raw materials, which is undoubtedly worse for the dye industry, which is currently under greater operating pressure.


In the face of increasing cost pressures and price fluctuation risks, Annoqi said that the company will continue to deploy the large digital industry, cultivate new engines for the company's development, and continue to promote the strategic layout of large digital while focusing on the main dye industry and consolidating its advantages. . Recently, Annoqi has actively carried out industrial chain investment, increased the capital of Magic Weiwei with 22.5 million yuan, and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will conduct brand promotion, domestic consumer products, digital printing, fabric dyeing solutions, e-commerce platform operations, etc. Carry out in-depth cooperation.


Zhejiang Longsheng stated in the semi-annual report that the company will leverage on the scale advantages of intermediates, combine DSS+ digitalization to enhance product competitiveness, and use existing R&D and manufacturing platforms to cultivate new products. The company will focus on the construction of dye production supporting projects, and is committed to a series of work such as productivity improvement, quality improvement, and process optimization. At the same time, it will increase the safety management of the production process, accelerate the construction of digital factories, and further increase the company's dye production and sales.


In response to the tight supply and price fluctuations in the dye intermediate market in recent years, Jiangsu Jinji Industrial Co., Ltd. stated that it will select appropriate stocks based on sales orders, inventory and market prices to reduce raw material market fluctuations and bring the company's normal production and operation. Coming shock. For other auxiliary raw materials, the company mainly purchases according to the production plan. In the selection of suppliers, the company will focus on factors such as the product quality, production stability, reputation and price of the other party.


Regarding the trend of dye prices in the future, Runtu shares pointed out that as the national security and environmental protection situation continues to be strict, on the one hand, it will affect the supply of upstream raw materials, and on the other hand, it will cause large fluctuations in product prices. This fluctuation may be positive or negative. Volatility, which affects the company’s performance. The company will adopt flexible countermeasures, study and judge market and industry trends in a timely manner, adjust policies and procurement and sales strategies in a timely manner, and control various costs to the greatest extent to achieve the desired economic benefits.

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