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Exclusive solvent dye variety and performance

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Solvent dye was originally named because it can be dissolved in various organic solvents. ) The dye in) is called Oil Dye (Oil Dye), and the dyes that can dissolve the polar solvents (ethanol, acetone) are called alcohol soluble dye. The solvent dyes used on plastic are mainly oily dyes, so people are also used to calling solvents dyes as oily dyes.

Many varieties in solvent dyes are dyes of other categories. They have the same chemical structure, which is especially in dye dyes, acidic dyes, and alkaline dyes are more prominent. (, Even nitrogen type (single nitrogen and dual nitrogen), puppet nitrogen metal complex type, Sanfang methane free alkali, 酞 酞 (copper 酞 酞 酞, aluminum 酞 酞), and miscellaneous rings.

The most dyes of 料 蒽醌, including blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, almost all the colors. The various properties of 料 solvent dyes are very stable. Although the solubility is slightly worse than that of the nitrogen -type solvent dye, the light resistance and thermal resistance are better than the puppet nitrogen dye. Therefore, the dye dyes of the crickets occupy an important position in plastic coloring.

The dye dyeing dye is introduced on the rings of various replacement bases. The cycle ring 1-replace the derivative solvent dye, and the 蒽醌 1,4 second replacement solvent dye varieties, chromatography all over orange, red, blue.

There are many types of solvents dye -type solvents, second only to the category. The dyeing of the hetero -loop solvent is bright and bright, and many varieties have strong fluorescence and have good fastness performance. It is widely used in various engineering plastics and synthetic fiber spinning.

Among them, aminoone solvents dye system 1,8-rigid anhydride and its derivatives or benhypenide and its derivatives and the Fangli amine dilate are contracted, which is generated after closed loop. The chromatography contains yellow, orange and red. It is limited to yellow varieties, with strong fluorescence, colorful color, and excellent photosyntyne and heat resistance. It is also suitable for fluorescent pigment ingredients.

Miscellaneous solvents dye varieties also include ketone solvents dyes are limited to yellow, and their light resistance and thermal resistance are good. The introduction of alkyl -substituent or sulfonic alkyl or sulfa can improve the heat resistance of the dyes. Suitable for polyester fiber spinning coloring, important varieties of dye dyes of tadpoles are C.I solvent green 5

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