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Highlights, high transparent black dyes for engineering

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The Presol Black series solvent dye is a high -gloss and high transparent black solvent dye for polyester spinning, film, and other engineering plastics launched by our company. 

The color and light distribution is red, blue, and green, and can provide high -gloss, super bright, high -concentration black surface solutions for PS, ABS, PC, PET and other materials. It has unique material aesthetic performance and brings higher brand recognition. Essence

In the hot summer, we often give the car film to resist the fierce sunlight. The solar membrane used for cars is especially important to use a black dye with excellent performance.

Our company has a series of black dyes that can be used in deep dyed polyester membrane layers in the solar membrane, which is the base layer of the solar membrane. 

The use of this series into the polyester membrane coloring can effectively prevent the oxidation and discoloration of the solar membrane.

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