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How to make Polyester color more black?

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1. Someone has tried to apply a material with low refractive index to the surface of the fabric, so that the refractive index of the fabric is reduced, the reflectivity is also reduced, and the blackness is improved. This low refractive index resin polymer is mainly acrylic compound, which can form a polymer film on the surface of the fabric.

After treatment with thisresin polymer, the fabric depth index is significantly increased, and the visual depth can be increased by more than 20%.

2. Dry the dyed fabric by dipping or padding the polymer. The bath ratio is 1:30, the temperature is 80°C, and the time is 30 minutes. After applying the polymer, not only the jet blackness is improved, but also the vividness of the color light is improved, the gloss is soft, and the durability is good, and the color light is not changed.

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